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We propose the Drupal platform

Why do we propose the Drupal platform for building your site?

We have developed a nice expertise and we work with the Drupal platform since it's birth, about 15 years ago.

This platform is one of the most powerful because it allows us to build your made-to-measure totally customized sites. Simple or complex. It is totally modular, well securized, well maintained and it allows to manage efficiently small sites as well as very big sites with a high degree of flexibility on the accesses at many levels.

A great investment. Get the power.

Since 2010, Drupal is used by more than 1% of world-wide web sites. Amongst them, you find big corporations, international organizations, governmental and non governmental organizations, editors, radio and television networks, SMEs, online E-Commerce boutiques and also the White House.

A huge success that is no surprise to us. And that is also comforting our past and future choices.

GVATEC can bring you flexibility, comfort and security with Drupal, because its heart and modules are supported by well over a 10'000 developers world-wide.


(Information from Drupal.org site)

Who's using Drupal - From local businesses to global corporations, diverse organizations use Drupal.

News Publishing
The BMJ, The Economist, New Republic
Intranet/Corporate Websites
SpaceX, Lush, Danone, Tesla Motors, Peugeot
Stanford Law, Harvard, Oxford, MIT Media Lab
Art, Music, Multimedia
The Beatles, MTV UK, NBC, BBC, Grammy.com, Musée du Louvre
Whitehouse.gov, London.gov.uk, Gouvernement.fr, New Zealand Government, The Prince of Wales
Oxfam, British Council EAL, Amnesty International
Gatwick Obviously, NYC Metropolitan Transportation Authority

More examples can be found in Sites Made with Drupal.


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